The ZvRemote™ allows for control of your computer and media content – no matter where you are in your home.  It includes a wireless mouse and multimedia keys for controlling your computer allowing you to watch Internet TV, view your favorite movies on your computer’s DVD player, surf the web, check e-mail, view photos and more.  It utilizes radio frequencies that can travel through walls and floors so you’re able to operate your computer from across the house.

The remote was designed to be very easy to use and navigate.  A touchpad similar to a laptop’s is utilized, allowing the user to move their fingertip along the touchpad to move a cursor on a screen.  Separate areas on the touchpad provide for fast horizontal and vertical scrolling.  Separate media and application buttons are built into the remote and strategically grouped so that they are easy to find and key commands are accounted for.  A five-way control button for simple “up”, “down”, “left”, “right” and “enter” navigation is utilized to access on-screen guides.  A numeric keypad for text or character input is built in.  Pressing a “mode” button directs the remote as to which device is to be controlled, whether one of up to three TVs or connected sound systems or a computer.

Careful attention to the user interface of this remote allowed the PI team to design a device that is exceptionally functional and easy to use.