Travel Safety Line

Dorel Juvenile Group

Taking babies out on-the-go can be a daunting task for any new parent, and the term “travel” can refer to anything from a long car ride to a jaunt to the grocery store.  The team at Safety 1st wanted to develop a line of travel safety items that supported their brand perception as the utmost authority on safety, and that met modern parents’ needs in new ways.  They enlisted the help of Product Insight in creating this new line.

The PI team began with extensive research into the models and fashions of today’s automobile interiors.  They needed to ensure that their concepts worked well with in terms of both aesthetics and functioning in the places they’d be used.  Many of the car safety items include a soft goods element to ensure that safety items that might come loose with sudden stopping or an accident will not become projectiles that could harm the child in the car.  Crash testing and projectile testing were all part of this research and even the mirrors used in the program are designed with soft, plush frames and alternate mirror materials.  Key products include a soft, positionable mirror for viewing a baby in the back seat, a soft circular mirror with domed plush, a window shade with a pivoting mount, a shopping cart cover, and items designed to be marketed under the Eddie Bauer® brand.

The new travel safety line was well-received by parents. Products fit well with the most popular interior car color schemes and the items feature excellent safety benefits and ease of use.