Single Channel Pipettor


Pipettes are used in laboratories to transport and measure specific volumes of liquid.  User fatigue is a major concern as technicians work with samples for extended periods of time.  This important tool must be comfortable and ergonomically designed as well as exceptionally accurate in its measurement.

The focus of this project was on the ergonomics and industrial design of the housing while maintaining the existing configuration of the internal mechanism, and the client needed the work done very quickly.  The PI team delivered two basic design concepts and moved forward with the client’s final choice on an accelerated schedule.  The original pippeter was designed with a contoured handgrip and hook-style hand rest; this feature has been given an increased curve in the new design for greater comfort and less fatigue during prolonged use since the device rests on the hand between repetitive procedures.  The diameter of the fluid volume adjustment knob has been increased while adding grooved textures to improve usage with gloved hands.  Color-coding of the ejector sleeve and actuation button indicate various fluid volume capacities for each product within the line and are consistent with Corning corporate standards for uniformity within the brand’s portfolio.  The lower portion of the unit is designed to be autoclavable.

The Single Channel Pipettor design was delivered on-time and on-budget, and the revisions to the design proved to offer less fatigue to laboratory technicians in their work.