Safety Gate Program

The First Years®



Safety gates are a staple in any family home but many parents consider them to be a difficult product to transition into everyday life.  Common challenges include installation, cleaning, ease of operation, aesthetics and proper fit in certain doorways and spaces.  The First Years® brand is well-trusted by parents and known for meeting parenting needs with innovation and reliability.  Their gate portfolio is an excellent example of this innovative design and the Product Insight team is proud to have played a part in bringing these gates to market.

Hands-Free Safety Gate:  Research showed that parents wanted a gate to be easier to open and move through, especially with hands full, carrying groceries or a baby.  The challenge was solved with a hands-free design that functions with a convenient foot pedal.  Pressure to operate the pedal is carefully calibrated to ensure it can be operated by an adult – but not a small child.  An audible click lets the parent know the gate is locked for an added sense of security and it swings open in both directions to allow for versatility in placement in the home.   The gate is pressure mounted so that it is secure but will not damage walls or woodwork.   A unique injection-molded wrench was designed for tightening the mounting bolts and gauging the correct gap for proper latch performance.  The gate won a silver IDEA Award for its innovative design.

All-Clear Gate:  The majority of safety gates are designed with a vertical bar structure – very functional and practical.  But for some parents this “look” does not fit into the home and they seek a sleeker, more modern look.    The All-Clear Gate creates an effective barrier for a baby or toddler but the clear plastic panel design offers see-through visibility, free of vertical bars.  The design is also free of foot or handholds, preventing small children from climbing over, and it fits doorways, hallways, or stairways with both a pressure and hardware mounting option.  The clear, smooth panel is very easy to clean.  The gate offers a carry handle for portability and one-handed operation.

Hideaway Gate:  When a safety gate is not securely closed and in use, many families find it to be “in the way” in its open position, or unsightly as it rests open against the wall.  Focus group parents wished for their gate to simply “go away” when not in use.  The Hideaway Gate was born!  The retractable gate provides a protective barrier when needed but seems to “disappear” when not in use.  It features a sturdy mesh barrier and a 2-step locking mechanism for double the security.  A foothold-free construction prevents climbing and it is hardware mounted for secure installation.