GEM Premier 3500 and 4000

Instrumentation Laboratory

The GEM Premier 4000 is a blood gas analyzer used at point-of-care as well as in laboratory settings.  It utilizes iQM®, Instrumentation Laboratory’s proprietary Intelligent Quality Management system which automates quality control to ensure reliable results.  FDA-cleared in 2006 for the GEM Premier 4000, iQM  replaces the use of traditional external quality controls through its fully-automated process.  Studies have shown that in a hospital with eight GEM Premier 4000 analyzers, iQM can save over 1,500 hours annually, providing excellent cost savings and efficiencies.  This instrument was developed to be self-contained; it includes all testing components and features easy front-loading access.  It is designed with a single, graphic user-interface that is simple and intuitive.  It immediately detects and corrects errors and requires no maintenance thus automating the most labor- and skill-intensive processes typically involved in critical care diagnostics.

With the Premier 4000 the company has marketed the first-ever rapid point-of-care, lab-quality blood test for measuring total bilirubin (tBili) in newborns.   Bilirubin is a toxin that can lead to irreversible brain injury in newborns when present in high amounts.  A new assay performed on the GEM Premier 4000 allows clinicians to receive lab-quality test results in 90 seconds in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit rather than waiting up to an hour for results from a lab with traditional chemistry methods.

The GEM Premier 3500 was designed to offer more flexibility and versatility for faster, easier and more efficient critical care testing.  It is a whole blood immediate-care diagnostic system that can perform time-sensitive diagnostic tests in the central laboratory or at the point of care.  The team designed this device with simplicity and efficiency of workflow in mind.  The touchscreen is intuitive and easy to use; the displays and menus are clear and concise and simplify the selection and customization of parameters and the viewing of results.  It allows for wireless communication so that patient and quality results can be viewed remotely from any networked PC.  The maintenance-free, multi-use, disposable cartridge PAKs are simple to use.

Used worldwide in operating rooms, intensive care units and busy laboratories, the GEM Premier 3500 sets the standard for testing accuracy, flexibility and convenience.