The BioScale ViBE is a highly-sensitive platform that detects and quantifies proteins in complex biological samples – and accomplishes this in real-time.  Utilized by pharmaceutical and biotech companies, hospital and research labs, government agencies, colleges and universities, the ViBE brings an unprecedented level of efficiency and effectiveness to its users.  It is vital for protein research, drug development and the detection of impurities during bio-manufacturing.

The ViBE was to be a large machine allowing for high throughput of many samples and walk-away operation.  The client was utilizing a smaller instrument as its core technology and the PI team integrated this core into the new design, saving time and money.  The core product can be used as a bench-top instrument or can be scaled up to work with this newer, larger version allowing for higher efficiency and automation.

There were a number of new considerations for the larger instrument.  For one, a robotic arm moves over the samples and the design had to enclose the motion path of the robot so it was safely contained during operation.  The door is a large pivoting door and also had to be designed around the robotic arm.   Clear giant shields were created to allow technicians to see inside but prevent a hand or other external object from entering the instrument’s inside space.  Stringent mechanical constraints were considered in every step of the design of the doors and shield due to the high level of safety standards, space constraints and considerations for the delicate instrumentation inside.    And the unit is designed so that it can be serviced and accessed from the front only, alleviating the need to move or shift the machine for rear access.  In the event that a move is needed, integrated, telescoping handles allow 2 people to lift and carry the ViBE safely.

BioScale recently opened a new 30,000 square foot facility in Lexington, MA.  “The positive response we have received from the launch of BioScale’s ViBE product line required us to grow our facility and functionality,” BioScale CEO Mark Lundstrom stated. “This growth required a new, better equipped, and larger facility to enable the company to realize its full potential.”  The PI team looks forward to following the ViBE’s continued success and appreciates the opportunity to have worked with the BioScale team.