EPIQ Ultrasound Cart

When a world-class company with a culture of innovation and design decides to reboot one of its flagship products, the results need to be epic. Philips required their new ultrasound cart system to be robust, light, and highly-maneuverable, while also

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2013-07-26 Beta full system render

NPS 8000 DNA Analysis System

The design of the Nabsys NPS 8000 system reflects the cutting edge technology inside.  Deviating from traditional methods, the Nabsys system uses solid-state nanodetectors to analyze single DNA molecules at a stunning one million bases per second.  Analysis of the

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2015-01-26_x3red dot render

X3 Powerbase

For those who depend on them, power wheelchairs are essentially an extension of the body, providing a freedom of mobility that many of us take for granted.  Yet for something so personal, they are not often given the same aesthetic consideration

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ThunderStorm™ System

        The RainDance ThunderStorm™ System is a fully automated high-throughput targeted sequencing solution; it enables researchers to process more samples per day and generate higher-quality data faster than ever before. The system features true walkaway capabilities allowing

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Alta® Modular Laser System

    Dental Photonics, Inc. is a leading researcher and developer of light-based technologies for dental and medical practitioners.  The Alta® MLS product is the first modular laser system designed to grow with needs of a modern dental practice through utilization

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rmd navigator WORK LIST

Navigator 2.0™

The Navigator 2.0™ is a gamma counter used in surgical applications, specifically cancer staging and tumor localization. It is the next generation of the Navigator GPS, a valuable gamma detection tool used in surgical suites for over 10 years. The

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2014-08-11_hyperscan render


Mevion Medical Systems is dedicated to advancing the treatment of cancer through radiation therapy. Its flagship product is the MEVION S250 Proton Therapy System, and Product Insight appreciated the opportunity to work on this ground-breaking system with the Mevion team.

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7-30-12 tarpon revised WORK LIST

BioSMB™ System

          BioSMB™ is a technology that provides reduced costs and increased process efficiency in biopharmaceutical production.  Flexibility is achieved through multi-column technology; its systems are designed with disposable components to be practical and functional within virtually

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thermofisher versette WORK LIST

Versette Pipetting Workstation

The ThermoScientific Versette is a compact and user-scalable automated liquid handling system.  It is versatile enough to fit in any size lab and can accommodate low-to-high throughput. The system is equipped with a safety shield for both the 2- and 6-position

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Thin Prep T5000 Processor

Hologic created the ThinPrep integrated diagnostic system after 20 years of research and experience in this area of women’s health.  The system is designed to provide more accurate and comprehensive cervical cancer screening and to provide diagnoses that are timely, easy, comfortable

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SERF™ Ablation System

Thermal therapy is used in many medical treatments including liver cancer ablation and myocardial ablation for tachycardia. It is a localized treatment that kills the tumor cells while sparing healthy liver tissue. The treatment often has no adverse effects on

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gem 4000 NEW WORK LIST

GEM Premier 3500 and 4000

The GEM Premier 4000 is a blood gas analyzer used at point-of-care as well as in laboratory settings.  It utilizes iQM®, Instrumentation Laboratory’s proprietary Intelligent Quality Management system which automates quality control to ensure reliable results.  FDA-cleared in 2006 for the GEM

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4800 Plus MALDI TOF/TOF™

    The 4800 Plus MALDI TOF/TOF™ Analyzer is the next generation of mass spectrometer systems; its design provides scientists with speed, stability, and reliability to expand their experimental workflows.  The analyzer is the ideal system for protein biomarker discovery and

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The BioScale ViBE is a highly-sensitive platform that detects and quantifies proteins in complex biological samples – and accomplishes this in real-time.  Utilized by pharmaceutical and biotech companies, hospital and research labs, government agencies, colleges and universities, the ViBE brings

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Vacuum Curettage System

The Berkeley VC-10 Vacuum Curettage System is ideally suited for all clinical settings and was designed to be simple to operate, easy to maintain and highly reliable.  Among many other uses, it is utilized to minimize the size of the kidneys

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sru bind WORK LIST

BIND® Scanner

SRU Biosystems provides detection tools used in drug discovery and life sciences research.  The company’s patented BIND® technology analyzes biomolecular interactions of cells, proteins, genomic materials, peptides, antibodies and small molecules, and completes this analysis quickly.  The technology is a fundamental advance in

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SmoothShapes® XV

The SmoothShapes XV treats cellulite by combining laser and LED energy with vacuum and massage. The device addresses both the underlying causes and physical manifestations of cellulite by treating enlarged fat cells and brittle tissue in a non-invasive way.  The

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