X3 Powerbase

Rovi Mobility

For those who depend on them, power wheelchairs are essentially an extension of the body, providing a freedom of mobility that many of us take for granted.  Yet for something so personal, they are not often given the same aesthetic consideration as other consumer products.  When ROVI approached PI, they were clear that they didn’t want the status quo.

ROVI is a new mobility company focused on creating innovative product solutions for the complex rehab industry.  ROVI’s first product, the X3, uses an innovative chassis design to create one of the narrowest power bases in the industry while delivering an extremely stable and highly maneuverable system.  Once ROVI had proved their concept for the unique placement of the X3’s battery system, they immediately connected with Product Insight to develop a striking signature look.

2015-01-26_x3red dot render2 (2)Our comprehensive survey of the industry revealed a common shortcoming among powerbases; most of the design effort is typically spent on cosmetic covers which end up hidden under the seat, while more visible components like wheels and structure are largely ignored, and utilitarian at best.  PI’s design team leveraged this opportunity, developing distinct and cohesive elements around the perimeter of the base for maximum impact.

The X3 was designed with active users in mind, many of whom are children.  The team took inspiration from automotive design and off-road vehicles, creating a rugged, sporty look highlighting the chassis and suspension system that makes the X3 uniquely maneuverable.  The two-part fender has a modular cover which allows users to customize their base with different colors and features, like integrated headlights.  Even service was improved; access to the X3’s in-line batteries is quick and easy, allowing for on-the-fly replacement when the need arises.

Check out this video created by ROVI showing the X3 in action: