Thin Prep T5000 Processor


Hologic created the ThinPrep integrated diagnostic system after 20 years of research and experience in this area of women’s health.  The system is designed to provide more accurate and comprehensive cervical cancer screening and to provide diagnoses that are timely, easy, comfortable and safe.

The T5000 Processor is part of the ThinPrep platform.  It is a “walk away” processor which significantly reduces the time required to process specimens, freeing up a technician’s time for other tasks while specimens are being processed.  Systems with these efficiencies are an integral part of a lean pathology lab.

Dr. M. Joseph of the Pathology Department at The University of Western Ontario states:  “The recently introduced state-of-the-art Hologic Thin Prep T5000 processor has certainly improved the efficiency of cytopreparation in our lab.”  PI is proud to have been a partner with Hologic in their goal to provide the most innovative and effective technologies to laboratories worldwide through innovative products like the T5000 Processor.