SERF™ Ablation System


Thermal therapy is used in many medical treatments including liver cancer ablation and myocardial ablation for tachycardia. It is a localized treatment that kills the tumor cells while sparing healthy liver tissue. The treatment often has no adverse effects on the patient and most can resume their usual activities in a few days.

Thermedical’s SERF™ Ablation System consists of a mobile medical instrument and disposable ablation needle, and is used in an operating room. The needle delivers radiofrequency (RF) energy to overheat, and as a result, kill solid tumor tissue. The needle simultaneously injects warm saline into the tumor which allows for treatment of much larger tumors than were previously treated with RF alone.

The project scope included the design and engineering for the instrument, the cart, and a hand-held disposable. A precise high-pressure saline pump was integrated into the top of the instrument, presenting liquid ingress challenges that were addressed by careful engineering of the exterior housings. A membrane panel user interface was developed to be cleanable and easily monitored from across a room. The hand-held portion features an ergonomic handle expressly designed for insertion and manipulation into liver tissue, with an adjustable elastomeric marker for setting the insertion depth. A custom fitting was designed to allow reliable coupling of both electrical and fluid connections into the needle handle.