SmoothShapes® XV

Eleme Medical

The SmoothShapes XV treats cellulite by combining laser and LED energy with vacuum and massage. The device addresses both the underlying causes and physical manifestations of cellulite by treating enlarged fat cells and brittle tissue in a non-invasive way.  The end result is something that patients can both see and feel.

The heart of this project was the cart on which the actual medical device rests.  The client was faced with manufacturing and aesthetic challenges with their current cart design.  The PI team evaluated the use of the cart, servicing issues, sales issues, and environmental needs in executing a re-design.  The new design is sleek and slim to complement the brand and capture the essence of the “slimming” results from the SmoothShapes® treatments. It utilizes a detachable top section that holds the functional components; these are easily removable, leaving the poles & wheels of the cart behind, allowing the device to be used as a benchtop unit if needed.  This feature is crucial for the sales team who needs to bring the functional device to sales calls and cannot take the larger cart with them.  A boom is designed to hold the various hoses and tubes; it rotates freely and operates fully within the scope of the cart and breakaway unit.  Its design adheres to strict cost targets.

Another challenge involved the air compressor on the device, which was quite loud.  This is not desirable in a treatment setting – the compressor was located at the patient level and interfered with the quiet treatment experience.  The PI team designed an enclosure around the motor that allows air to pass through but contains the sound.

In 2011, Cynosure Inc. – a leading developer of light-based aesthetic and medical treatment systems – purchased Eleme Medical. Cynosure continues to market the SmoothShapes® XV as a successful non-invasive cellulite and body shaping device.