Smartraining System™

Koko Fitness

The Koko Fitness team’s goal was to develop a machine that was simple, fast and delivered amazing results.  It was to be the cornerstone of their Koko FitClub franchises, designed for men and women who wanted to get in better shape  but didn’t have the time or resources to do so.  The Product Insight team was excited to be part of this innovative new fitness experience.

The final solution is designed to deliver the results from a 90 minute workout in only 30 minutes. Its key point of difference is its patented functioning and proprietary exercise personalization technology.  The machine helps with five primary areas in building a custom workout plan for the user:  Weight Loss, Sports Conditioning, Total Body Definition, Muscle-Building, Strength-Building and Fitness & Flexibility.  Both cardio and strength exercises are addressed in one piece of equipment.  A touch-screen monitor guides and directs the user on how to move and with what weight level for a more efficient and effective exercise experience.  An individualized “key” similar to a computer flash drive can be used to track individual progress; when inserted in the machine it “remembers” the user and adapts the workout session based on previous work.  Feedback can also be gathered at home through a custom webpage.  The PI team conducted extensive user research to ensure both the workout portion and the tracking portion of the experience provide the best user interface possible.

The Koko Fitness franchise won the prestigious Nova7 award for innovation in the fitness industry.  The personalized, progressive Smartraining System™ is an effective fitness solution for users and franchise owners alike.