Single & Double Breast Pumps

The First Years®

Breast feeding provides many benefits to both mother and baby, and the CDC estimates that 75% of mothers start out breast-feeding their infants before switching to other feeding options. Providing a comfortable, convenient and efficient experience can help mothers breast feed their babies longer, and a breast pump can play an integral part in this experience. The PI team welcomed the opportunity to work with The First Years® to develop two products in this important category.

The Natural Comfort Single Breast Pump is BPA free and offers quiet and efficient pumping. It has an adjustable swivel head and a unique shield design. Its design makes it lightweight and compact, perfect for taking on-the-go.

The Natural Comfort Double Breast Pump offers optional double-pumping action. The electric- or battery-powered unit makes it easy to use at home or at work. Flexible suction cups plus adapters allow for fit modification where necessary and a suction-release button simplifies disconnecting. The two extendable arms adapt to meet personal comfort needs and the two bottles can be stored or used immediately. A specially designed carrying case allows for conveniently transporting the unit and an enclosed cold pack keeps the breast milk cool.