Shark® Vacuums


When Euro-Pro wanted to develop their next-generation of Shark brand premium vacuum cleaners, they partnered with Product Insight to help meet their goals of industry-leading performance, exceptional usability, and speed-to-market.  Several products were developed concurrently to address a variety of consumer needs and desires across multiple distribution channels.

2012-5-17_SV 1100 renderThrough in-depth use analysis, configuration explorations, form studies, and ergonomic evaluations, PI was able to uncover unique solutions and then quickly validate these design directions to keep development moving efficiently.  Early explorations led to the design of the unique Professional Lift-Away vacuum, which instantly transforms from a fully-functional upright to a lightweight, hand-held pod-vac with the push of a single button.  In fact, the integration of above-floor cleaning at the user’s fingertips became a hallmark of the entire line, along with Shark’s No-Loss-of-Suction (NLS) technology, HEPA filtration, and swivel steering.