Shark® Press & Refresh™ Garment Care System


The Press & Refresh Garment Care System features a unique steamer and vertical pad that together allow users to steam and iron their clothing quickly without a traditional ironing board.  The vertical pad can be attached to any door in the house and left in place for easy access.  The hand-held steamer has a heated bar that irons out wrinkles as it is pressed along the garment.

Given the innovative use scenario, ergonomic considerations were absolutely critical to success.  It had to be as lightweight as possible and still deliver powerful steam with a large enough water tank to last several garments.  The steamer needed to be used both horizontally (like a traditional iron) and vertically (like a stand steamer) so balance and comfort were key.

To solve this challenge, PI developed a unique configuration with the water tank above the hand and other components (including the boiler) below.  The weight of the water shifts the center of gravity up to the handle, making it easier to maneuver with minimal torque on the wrist.  This also has the added benefit of making it easier to fill.  The flared form above the handle was carefully modeled to help support the steamer’s weight on the hand.  A suite of attachments were designed to snap quickly and easily to the front face, allowing the steamer to be used on a wide range of fabric surfaces across the household.