Shark® Lift-Around™ Vacuum


In the US, most people gravitate toward full-size upright vacuums for large jobs and hand-vacs for infrequent or spot cleaning.  Although uprights are powerful, they are cumbersome for use in tight areas or stairs, while portable hand-vacs are typically too weak for deep cleaning.  Recognizing an opportunity in the marketplace, Euro-Pro teamed with PI to develop a lightweight, portable vacuum with the power of an upright.

The Shark Lift-Around™ Portable Vacuum is like having a full-size upright in the palm of your hand – it is actually the most powerful portable vacuum on the market today.  Careful consideration of ergonomics by PI led to the adoption of a unique vertical form, which allows the vacuum to hug close to the body when carried and keeps the handle always over the center of gravity.  Being portable also means being versatile; PI developed an innovative hose management/retention feature at the front of the base that allows the vacuum to be pulled behind the user like a canister-style vacuum without tipping over.  A snap-on caddy was developed to keep a quiver of tools at the ready without obstructing air-flow or access to the dust-cup for emptying.