SC5832 Supercomputer


Supercomputers used to fill an entire room or even an entire building.  Modern supercomputers are not only more compact, efficient and effective, the SC5832 has even been described as “sexy” by technology experts.

There are two major considerations when designing a supercomputer’s housing: enclosing all the technology and cabling in an aesthetically-pleasing way and ensuring the machine is cool and efficient in its operation.  The PI team worked to build these requirements into the design; the SC5832 dissipates only 600 milliwatts of power and stays well-cooled during use. This allows the computer to perform well at high speeds and dissipate less power at the same time.  The low-energy consumption makes it a big asset for academic teams and research institutions.  It features an easy-to-lift hood door for easy access and its housing is relatively small, a welcome change for laboratory settings with limited space.  In fact the SC5832 can perform six trillion operations per second in a cabinet that is less than one-third the size of conventional clusters.

Rick Stevens, associate laboratory director of Computing and Life Sciences at Argonne National Laboratory stated, “We believe that the power-efficient SiCortex architecture represents the way high-performance computers will be designed in the future.”  This U.S. Department of Energy laboratory has been one of many to utilize this powerful computational tool.