ProGrade™ Door Safety Program

Dorel Juvenile Group

Modern homes are built with a great variety of door types, and the Safety 1st team identified a need for locks to fit them and products to make them less of a hazard to children.  The new products were to be launched under the  ProGrade™ portfolio and the PI team was tasked to develop this line with superior functioning, aesthetics and ease of use.

Through design research the team learned that parents wanted a door lock that did not function near the door knob area but rather up high where children could not reach.  They wanted a solution that did not require drilling into doors or frames.  The solution had to be uncomplicated – consumers needed easy installation and the client had specific cost and manufacturing targets.  The No-Drill Top of Door Lock is simple and made of 5 pieces of plastic; it clamps easily to the door with no drilling required.  It accommodates most doors (especially useful for garage and basement doors) and can be disengaged for periods of non-use.  Its design includes a special retractable guard to help prevent pinched fingers.

Another example is the Lever Handle Lock, designed to prevent children from opening doors with popular lever handles.  This design requires no door hardware to be removed and utilizes adhesive backing for easy mounting.  A release button enables a “C” shaped ring to rotate in either direction.  The lock’s design supports ProGrade™ program features:  modern designs, metallic-like finishes to blend in with stainless steel appliances, utilization of the SecureTech® visual indicator and more sophisticated aesthetics and functioning to differentiate this program from the company’s core line of safety products.

The Finger Pinch Guard features a simple one-piece design that protects fingers on both the hinge and knob side of the door.  It conveniently hangs on the doorknob for  times when the parents wishes to keep the door fully closed or fully opened.

These products are all designed with the utmost ease of use and provide peace-of-mind to parents.  And they serve as an excellent differentiator in bringing Safety 1st’s home safety portfolio to the next level through the upscale ProGrade™ brand.