Right Angle Can Opener


The Right Angle Can Opener incorporates a motor and cutting head mechanism that has been rotated 45 degrees from traditional can openers.  This unique configuration improves the ergonomics by increasing visibility into the areas that are critical for properly aligning and loading a can.  As the user approaches the appliance the can is better positioned to avoid blocking the line of sight into the load area.  The actuation lever is presented to the user on the right front corner of the appliance making it easy to lock the can in position and begin opening the lid.  A linkage system called “Easy Touch” provides a mechanical advantage resulting in up to 80% less force being needed to open the can.

The combination of an innovative configuration of the internal mechanism and a low force requirement for activating the can-opening process has resulted in a superior product that is safe, easy to use, and aesthetically unique in the marketplace.