Reclining Feeding Seat

The First Years®

Parents are always looking for value in their baby products and an item that can solve more than one problem is met with great interest. The Reclining Feeding Seat is not only portable, it’s also designed to feed newborns, infants and toddlers by incorporating three feeding positions in one design – making it a great value to parents.

Different feeding styles and positions of the various age groups were researched for the design of the booster’s various positions. The reclining position accommodates newborn feeding, the upright position with attachable tray accommodates infants and young toddlers while the booster in its most upright position pulled up to a table accommodates an older toddler. The booster seat can function as a replacement for a high chair thus saving a family money and kitchen space.

To change the reclining position, a flexure is simultaneously depressed on either side of the seat; this allows the seat to slide along a curved track and latch into one of the three positions. This dual action prevents inadvertent reclining by a sibling. The seat height can be adjusted by releasing a flex tab at the rear and pulling out on the seat, causing it to release from the interlock features at the rear and along both sides.

The combination of user research and thoughtful design forged the way for a product that is functional and easy to use, and useful for an extended period of time throughout a child’s early years.