ProGrade™ Home Safety Line

Dorel Juvenile Group

Safety1st® has long been a trusted brand for children’s products, especially in the safety category.  But the product development team recognized the need for a new line of home safety products that would bring this category to the next level in terms of functionality, aesthetics and fit with the modern home.  Thus the ProGrade™ concept was born, with the goal of launching a line of exceptional home safety items to meet the needs of today’s families and provide a key differentiator for the brand.

The PI team was not provided with a list of products to be included in this line but rather was handed a problem statement: What products do we need in this program, and what are the materials, colors, forms and utilities that will make this a different, compelling and ultra-functional line?  The team engaged in a great deal of upfront research to form a solid foundation for the concept development phase.  A competitive analysis in retail stores, testing with various household appliances and in-home observations of real families, their safety-proofing habits and home environments all yielded important background information for developing winning concepts.  The resulting products utilize streamlined designs, use of silver coloration to blend in with new stainless steel appliances, and different types of mechanisms to make the items easy to use.

The program includes new-to-the-world ideas like a lock for front-loading washing machines.   The design features the unique SecureTech® locking indicator with red and green visuals.  An adhesive backing makes it easy to mount and the sleek design blends with machine style.

Another product in the portfolio is a device to keep large flat-screen TVs from tipping.  A locking bar extends 6″-20″ and pivots left to right for perfect viewing.  The design prevents the TV from moving forward or backward and ultimately falling on a child, causing a serious injury.

The push-button toilet lock fits standard toilets and features a push-button for one-handed opening.  It attaches to existing toilet hardware and has an adjustable base for a custom fit.

The ProGrade™ product line  presented many patent opportunities for the client which served to truly differentiate the program, brand and company. The program raised the bar for home safety and continues to provide a more secure home environment for toddlers and their families.