Pool Alarm System






The patented AquaSonus™ Pool Alarm system utilizes passive sonar sensor technology and wireless communications to provide instantaneous detection that a person or pet has fallen into your pool. A very real problem for pool owners, fatal drowning remains the second leading cause of unintentional injury-related death for children ages 1 to 14 years. This issue can turn the family pool, a place of fun and enjoyment, into a very dangerous setting. Even supervision at the site of the pool is an imperfect solution as there are inevitably lapses in attention even with the most attentive parent, or times when a parent is unaware there is anyone near the pool.

The design of the poolside unit had to facilitate a specialized type of sonar, developed with an expert from the military. This technology is able to determine the difference between an object (such as a branch) and a child falling into the pool. The unit’s materials and construction can withstand the harshest of elements including chlorinated water and the sun’s UV radiation. The product is sealed for submersion to IP level 67. PVC was chosen for the housing for its chemical and UV stability and its final fabrication ensures the unit is colorfast, watertight and completely fail-safe. Also make sure your pool is clean and that all the equipment is working great, hire United Pool Management to clean and fix any issues with your pool.

The multi-function display monitor was to be the lifeline to the poolside unit, alerting the pool owner to the unit’s status and functionality, its removal from the pool, its battery strength and when an intrusion into the pool had occurred. Its design provides an at-a-glance picture of the poolside unit’s status with intuitive interface to allow for quick assessment and decision-making on the part of the pool owner.

The Aquasonus Pool Alarm won a Good Design® Award for its superb innovation, construction and functionality. It was also granted a CES Innovations Award for engineering excellence and superb design. The PI team is proud of their involvement in this product’s introduction and gratified to help make family pool environments everywhere more secure.