NPS 8000 DNA Analysis System


The design of the Nabsys NPS 8000 system reflects the cutting edge technology inside.  Deviating from traditional methods, the Nabsys system uses solid-state nanodetectors to analyze single DNA molecules at a stunning one million bases per second.  Analysis of the molecules is done in real time, and in up to eight modules at a time, allowing for unprecedented throughput.

2013-07-26 Beta full system render

The wide-open platform design and illuminated rear panel gives full view to the analysis modules inside.  The identical modules are designed to be easily swappable, allowing the system to expand as extra throughput is needed, and limiting the impact of service events.  The safety enclosure is designed to be structurally independent of the rest of the system, allowing easy servicing of the robot and deck components.

PI designed the consumable chip housing and chip-loading mechanism in the analysis modules to provide a precise clamping force for fluid and electric connections.