Wireless Triggering Systems


The MiniTT1™ Transmitter is the smallest radio in the PocketWizard® family and is part of a new generation of products providing power control capabilities with both Nikon and Canon Speedlites and select studio lights.  The MiniTT1™ Transmitter locks onto the camera’s hot shoe supporting an on-camera flash with its own hot shoe while working with remote units.  The FlexTT5 is a transceiver for manual triggering needs.  When paired with the MiniTT1™ it offers excellent remote flash freedom.  The AC3 Zone Controller provides three independent zones of flash control.  Three clearly labeled dials allow the user to increase or decrease power to three zones of flash, and the user interface is simple and intuitive.

The PI team was called upon to freshen the brand through these new products, create a “family” look for the line and design much smaller units in response to market needs and new competitive offerings.  The team was also challenged to design the products to fit both Nikon and Canon equipment; the enclosures needed to be modular in design with very different internal mechanisms supporting both these platforms.

The black coloration of the main body is utilized throughout the line of products for both aesthetic and functional reasons; the color complements most cameras and all forward-facing surfaces utilize the black coloration in order to alleviate any reflection of light.  A silver badge is incorporated on the rear-facing surface as a branding zone; the silver works to emphasize the contrasting logo and product name.  Careful attention to user interface indicates easily-accessed controls, legible labeling and an LED indicator located on the back side to avoid interference.

New wireless triggering technology coupled with these new compact designs and carefully crafted interface enables an entirely new level of remote flash capability for photographers.