Maxflow™ Radiant Heater

The Holmes Group

Inexpensive, durable, and lightweight, the Maxflow™ Radiant Heater is a 1,500-watt forced-air heater that warms an entire room.  The combination of ribbon radiant heat and the power of the Maxflow™ fan pushes heat further into the room.

Safety was a prime concern in the design of the heater.  An auto-safety shut-off feature and a wide footprint for stability are built into the product.  A convenient and user-friendly control panel allows for simple operation.  Integrated feet provide support and stability.  A comfort-control thermostat allows for individual heat adjustment and a built-in carry handle makes the heater extra-portable.  It also features a caution light and manual user reset.

The Maxflow™ Radiant Heater’s durable steel construction, compact size and portability make it the perfect heater for houses, workshops, garages or basements.