M3 Park Assist System

Park Assist

Park Assist is a global leader in enhanced parking guidance systems.   Their system uses cameras and image analysis software to manage occupancy in parking garages and provide valuable services to those who park there.  Using license plate recognition algorithms, the M3 System can assist patrons in finding the exact location of their car and helps parking facility owners improve space allocation.

The system is comprised of camera units, way-finding signage and installation equipment.  The PI team developed a number of camera design concepts after extensive research in parking garage settings.  The camera mounts above the driving lanes of a parking garage and needs to fit a variety of garage configurations.  The camera features high resolution to enable more accurate vehicle detection and license plate recognition.  LEDs in the unit can be set to a wide spectrum of colors.  The computer and camera firmware can be upgraded remotely, saving time on upgrades.  And the sensor is designed to be very energy efficient (1 watt per unit).

The Park Assist M3 System’s goal is to help intelligently manage a car park business while improving customers’ user experience.  Early research showed that the system cut the customer’s time-to-park in half and resulted in a 3-5% increase in visits to the parking facility utilizing the system.  It also facilitated a 1-3% decrease in garage operating costs.