L-1 Camera Tower


Protecting and securing personal identities and assets is very important especially in today’s digital age.  The L-1 Camera Tower is a streamlined, integrated solution that takes quality portraits, captures biometric information and provides reliable images.

The PI team designed this product to be rugged with professional-grade fabrication.  It must stand up to the demands of driver’s license and government ID issuers and is designed specifically for high volume and high image quality.  The Camera Tower includes live video and automatically focuses, captures, crops and color corrects each portrait taken.  Careful considerations to user interface suggested a design that allows the operator to see what the camera sees and confirm the subject’s position. Fewer retakes and faster turnaround of subjects is accomplished by a single-step operation.  Setup and training for the operator is simple and fast.  The stand secures critical equipment with a bolt-down option and the design eliminates tangled wires.

Great photos and a process that is streamlined and effective provides for satisfied operators and customers in a variety of settings where picture IDs are developed, making the L-1 Camera Tower a valuable identify solution tool.