HQH 307 Quartz Heater

The Holmes Group

The Holmes Group partnered with Product Insight to rejuvenate their quartz heater category which was suffering from low sales volume and declining product placement.  This heater was one of a number of products in the portfolio designed by the PI team.

A unique aesthetic was developed to combine functionality with style, resulting in a more appealing product.  The unit is angled back slightly to create a more exiting form.  An internal fan circulates room air, promotes the natural convection cycle and forces heat further into the room for optimal effectiveness.  Two quartz elements glow red to alert users that the front grill is hot and should not be touched. The heater can be set to low power (750 watts) or high (1500 watts), with the ability to adjust the thermostat to a personal comfort level. At lower settings, the heater is designed to cycle on and off to maintain the desired temperature. The unit is constructed to be lightweight and carried easily with one hand.

The new heater concepts helped bring The Holmes Group back into the competitive arena in space heaters. The line contains functional, aesthetically-pleasing, feature-rich products that delight consumers.