HoVa Design

FabricPots™ were developed to provide an innovative/better solution for both gardeners and plants alike. Gardeners need a healthy environment for their plants, a robust unbreakable container that minimizes mold growth and prevents the re-absorption of soluble salts from fertilizers, and a pot that provides greater aesthetic flexibility. Plants need a container that allows their roots to aerate properly and grow naturally.  The FabricPot™ concept solves both problems.

The product consists of a washable fabric sleeve attached to a rigid base. When filled with soil, the shape of the fabric sleeve creates a stable container.  The wide base is more stable than most containers and provides more soil volume at the bottom of the pot where the roots are; it is dishwasher-safe.  The breathable high-tech fabric allows air and water vapor to penetrate but is impervious to liquid water.  Other innovative features include a zipper that allows the pot to expand, making it easy to extract the root ball for repotting and a collapsible and lightweight design to reduce space  for shipping. The product also incorporates eco-friendly material options (the sleeves are available in 100% recycled polyester and the bases are recyclable plastic).  Various colors and patterns satisfy many different decors and tastes.

The unique FabricPot™ is the world’s first decorative container made from waterproof and breathable fabric.  This innovation allows the soil to aerate naturally, contributing to healthy root systems, while expanding the decorative possibilities far beyond other plant containers.