Electronic Toaster


The Rival® brand is a leader in small home appliances – their products are known for being innovative, easy to use, easy to clean and very functional.  The challenge was to design this extension to the Rival® toaster portfolio with all these benefits in mind.

The PI team incorporated an asymmetrical design language to emphasize the visual impact of the user interface.  Crease details on the side of the housing integrate into the button form and curve upwards, leading the eye to the control area.  The light/dark control knob is positioned on the centerline division created by the recess required for button movement.  Accent colors on the button and knob match the kitchen environment.  An air-sleeve between the external plastic housing and the internal metal toaster assembly reduces the surface temperature of the housing, improving safety and addressing UL certification requirements.

The Rival® Electronic Toaster was launched as a very functional yet aesthetically pleasing addition to the kitchen appliance line.