Safety1st Curve Gate

Dorel Juvenile Group




Safety gates are a very effective tool in keeping toddlers confined to safe spaces in the home.  But different homes can present installation challenges in the way that walls, stairs and bannisters are built.

The Curve Gate addresses one of these challenging situations.  The stairs can be one of the biggest safety hazards for toddlers in the average home.  Experts recommend placing a gate at both the top and bottom of stairs: at the top to prevent falls down the stairs, but at the bottom to prevent little ones from climbing up.  But this presents a hazard to parents as they stand on the stairs to unlatch the gate, often with an infant or items in their arms.  As one parent stated in an online review, “My problem is that I am over 6 feet so as you could imagine it was hard to lean over from the 2nd step, while holding a child, to unlock a typical gate.”  The solution to this problem was creating a curved shape so that the parent has a place to stand, both at the top of the stairs and on the landing at the bottom.  The small space created by the curve allows parents to more easily open the gate without balancing in a precarious spot.  When used between rooms, the curved shape provides an enhanced view allowing children and pets to “step into” the next room and be a part of the family even while being limited to a safe area.   The locking mechanism is designed so that the gate can be opened with one hand, leaving the other hand free to hold a baby or bags.  Hardware mounting creates a secure installation.

Another design challenge was making the Curve Gate an attractive addition to the décor as opposed to a traditional safety gate with vertical bars.  To accomplish this, a clear plastic was chosen for the center portion; this creates a see-through surface that allows for an unobstructed view and easy cleaning.

Safety1st continues to be a major force in safety gates, offering innovative solutions to today’s parents, and Product Insight appreciates the opportunity to have worked with the Safety 1st team on the first curved gate offered in the marketplace.  The Curve Gate won a Bronze IDEA Award for its innovative design.