Comfortemp Thermometer

The First Years®




A baby’s temperature can provide useful insights into how a child is feeling and is often the first thing a pediatrician will ask when called by a parent. Yet taking a baby’s temperature can be quite daunting and confusing for a new parent: what kind of thermometer do I use, how do I use it properly, how do I know if I’m reading it right? Research was conducted to determine what would make this important undertaking easier, more accurate and less stressful for both baby and parent. The underarm method and corresponding technology was identified as the option with most promise.

The Comfortemp Thermometer is the first axillary infrared thermometer to be developed for home use. The unique curved head design is ergonomically optimized for use with infants while lying down or while resting in an adult’s arms. The thermometer needed to be easily held, placed in the proper position and read in both these positions. In addition, the design needed to accommodate self-testing and temperature-taking on an adult. The versatile design accommodating many users allows The First Years® to position the product as an “all-family” thermometer to convey value.

The thermometer utilizes battery-operated infrared power to take an instant temperature in the underarm area. After placement, a single button is pressed and the resulting temperature instantly displayed on an LCD screen. A replaceable cap is designed to protect the sensor from moisture and dust.

The Comfortemp Thermometer proved to be a welcome alternative to ear, oral and rectal thermometers for many parents and their families. The product was awarded a Silver IDEA Award sponsored by the Industrial designers Society of America and a Bronze Universal Design Award from the American Society on Aging for its innovative design and benefit to multiple age groups.