BioSMB™ System

Tarpon Biosystems






BioSMB™ is a technology that provides reduced costs and increased process efficiency in biopharmaceutical production.  Flexibility is achieved through multi-column technology; its systems are designed with disposable components to be practical and functional within virtually all bioprocessing environments.  Tarpon has a goal of “reducing the cost of therapeutics through unparalleled efficiency and flexibility of biopharmaceutical purification.”  The PI team needed to support this mission in its design.

Typically the setup for production of this type is complex; the considerable amounts of tubing can be confusing and unsightly.  Effective management of the fluid, tubing and pathways were key in the design.  The design team utilized an intuitive left-to-right flow for the series of pathways.  Two arches, one on either side of the front panel of the main unit, are designed to route the tubing within the canals, keep the area neat, and protect the fluid lines.

Fluids run through the series of columns at the front of the unit; the columns can vary in size but must be held in front of the unit to allow for proper functioning.  The design team developed a rack to hold the columns; the rack is removable and fits into fold-away arms that tuck inside the unit.  This makes the unit more compact – a major consideration for a system of this size – and allows for better access for setting up fluid lines.

This equipment enables bio-manufacturers to purify a drug product (injectable dosage form) using ‘disposables’ while consuming 1/2 the water, 1/3 of the physical space, much less (up to 80% less) of the consumable materials and less energy; this decreases the need for creating energy intensive “clean steam” to purify fixed stainless steel piping  (now the industry standard)  thereby providing a ‘greener’ solution.

The BioSMB™ System won a 2011 International Design Award in the category of Sustainable Living/Environmental Preservation – Energy Conservation Equipment as well as a 2012 GOOD DESIGN™ award, one of the world’s most prestigious and oldest design awards.