BIND® Scanner

SRU Biosystems

SRU Biosystems provides detection tools used in drug discovery and life sciences research.  The company’s patented BIND® technology analyzes biomolecular interactions of cells, proteins, genomic materials, peptides, antibodies and small molecules, and completes this analysis quickly.  The technology is a fundamental advance in monitoring biological interactions.

The PI team’s goal was to enclose this innovative technology in a housing that was streamlined and attractive and allowed user-friendly access to needed areas.  Several concept designs and a series of color studies explored the best options for features and aesthetics.  The final concept offers a front panel that is removable for access to the illuminator and a top cover that features masked and painted detail.

The BIND® Scanner is a first-of-its-kind, plate-based monitoring instrument with high read times and low cell numbers.  It allows researchers to work with cell types that were previously difficult or impossible to analyze.