AND1000 Fluorimeter


The AND1000 Fluorimeter is a hand-held device for testing heavy metals in drinking water and industrial water supplies.  An extremely sensitive measurement technique determines the toxicity levels of heavy metal contamination in water.

The flourimeter was designed to enable field testing to be done in two steps and in less than two minutes.  This efficiency eliminates or significantly reduces test expenditures, complexity and wait times experienced with other testing devices.  The design is robust and comfortable when held in the hand.   Both main housing and battery compartments are sealed to an IP rating of 54.  It features a simple single-button push for the detection and analysis of heavy metals in water.  A USB connection enables both recharging of the unit and downloading of test results.  It is highly sensitive and selective and can re-sample quickly.

The AND1000 Fluorimeter is considered a breakthrough in efficiency, testing accuracy and ease-of-use and requires no special skill or knowledge of chemistry to operate.   The solution is perfect for government water resource authorities and industrial and corporate organizations and meets US EPA standards for accuracy and specificity of target contaminants.