Alta® Modular Laser System

Dental Photonics



Dental Photonics, Inc. is a leading researcher and developer of light-based technologies for dental and medical practitioners.  The Alta® MLS product is the first modular laser system designed to grow with needs of a modern dental practice through utilization of multiple  interchangeable application modules designed for a variety of soft tissue surgical  needs.

Product Insight worked closely with Dental Photonics from the early stages of the program to ensure the Alta® MLS provided the ultimate in usability and versatility.  The design is versatile, compact and portable.  A modular spool with handpiece support is interchanged to suit the surgeon’s needs.  A soft TPE material was chosen to protect and manage the delicate optical fiber, exposing only what is needed.  The lightweight design easily and quickly attaches to a table or wall for optimal use in multiple environments.  The display angle was carefully considered for optimal viewing in both configurations.  A clean, pure form language was developed to emphasize the device’s simplicity and ease-of-use.  The display surface is purposefully dominant to reduce visual clutter and allow focus on the touchscreen interface.

The Alta® MLS was recognized with a 2012 GOOD DESIGN™ award, one of the world’s most prestigious and oldest design awards.  The product also won a 2013 iF product design award in which an independent jury evaluated the device against 3,011 entries and 11 design criteria.