670 Perimeter Analyzer




Tomey Corporation is a company specializing in the ophthalmic device industry.  They consulted Product Insight in the development of the 670 Perimeter, a visual field analyzer used by ophthalmologists in the diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma patients.

As background on the project the PI team performed an analysis of competitive products and test procedures; the findings indicated that the device’s mass needed to be minimized around the patient’s head and arms while reducing the enclosed feel of existing analyzers.  By curving away the lower portion of the Perimeter and optimizing the distance from the patient to the instrument front, the team created a more comfortable and less intimidating device resulting in improved test accuracy.  For the clinician, they combined a graphical interface and video feedback with intuitive thumbwheels for eye centering, reducing errors and simplifying setup procedures.

Product Insight is proud to have been part of the Perimeter team – the product earned a Gold Industrial Design Excellence Award from the IDSA and Businessweek Magazine.