3-in-1 High Chair

The First Years®

The 3-in-1 High Chair is a very versatile high chair, providing parents with exceptional value. It works as a high chair, infant feeding seat and toddler booster and allows parents to feed their children at home or on the go.

In its high chair mode, the product’s stable base provides the perfect place to feed a young infant at home. The white coloration was chosen to blend in with kitchen decors. The reclining position accommodates newborn feeding and the upright position works well with older babies. The seat is easily removed from the base for carrying or feeding a baby on-the-go where the base is not needed. The seat can be securely strapped to a chair and functions as a toddler booster seat in its most upright position; an attachable tray accommodates toddler feeding or the seat can be pulled up to the family table and used without the tray.

Extensive user research and a versatile design were key in developing a multi-functional product to meet parents’ needs in an unprecedented way.