Flat Panel LCD Monitor





The availability of information and the efficiency of desk space are critical in information-dense settings, such as financial trading rooms.  The PixelVision team worked closely with Product Insight to develop a solution that would meet needs in these environments in superior new ways.

As part of this project the teams developed Smart Glas, a thin color LCD “display tile” with a flexible mounting scheme.  Display electronics are localized in compact control hubs, quadrupling video display area by driving up to four LCD “display tiles” from a single graphics card.  The PI team sculpted a single centrally located control for intuitively adjusting display brightness and contrast.

According to Bear Sterns Senior Managing Director, Jeff Marshall, “Smart Glas is the long-awaited hardware development that will allow us to redefine – and optimize – the trading environment.”  The PixelVision Flat Panel LCD Monitor won an iF Product Design Award and a Gold IDEA Award for its innovative design.